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The Husqvarna 150BT Review You’ll Love to Know

To sum up the Husqvarna 150bt review for you even before we get started, what would you say to a mid-sized, super light and comfortable, high-power, tough-looking leaf blower? 

If the answer is on the positive side of your demand spectrum, we bring you an efficient addition to your toolbox that will keep the backyard leafless and make you look effortless in making it: the Husqvarna 150 BT.

We analyzed the leaf blower in terms of all its necessary features, performance, operation, and maintenance to finally decide if it’s a worthy purchase for the professional group that wants to clean leaves off the neighborhood or the amateur group that occasionally does it in their own garden!


Husqvarna 150bt Review:

Here’s what we found on the leaf blower:


9 of the best features of the 150 BT are:


You get an X-Torq engine on the model, which can cut off the exhaust emission by sixty percent. It doesn’t only cut down but also pushes up the efficiency of the fuel by twenty percent. It also has a cylinder displacement of 50.2CC and an output of 2.15 HP, both combining to make it mostly high-quality. 

Air Purge System

One of the major things that differentiate the 150BT from most other leaf blower models in the market is its air purge system. This system takes air from the fueling system and the carburetor of the machine. As a result, the Husqvarna 150bt carburetor doesn’t have air trapped inside, unlike other carburetors of similar tools.

The drawback of those machines is that it lags the starting and makes it hard for first-time users to operate them. But you know how we like it when things happen with just one tap or click? You can start-up the 150BT with only one pull in 95% of the time, thanks to this air-purge system. However, in the colder months, it may take more pulls.

Harness Adjustability and Comfort

Super-powerful and super-fast leaf blowers are more uncomfortable than not. But the ergonomically designed backpack on this model has a padded harness. When you wear it, it will contour along your back so that you don’t feel ill at ease about something hanging down your shoulders. Users over 250 pounds and over 60 years have felt comfy wearing it too. Since this has adjustable straps, you’ll have no issue here.

Adjustable Tube Length

Not just the straps, even the tube through which you plan on cleaning is adjustable. So, double the goodness!

Air Flow and Speed Rate

For high air-flow and speed, you get an excellent blowing capacity on the model. The air-flow in the pipe is higher (434 CFM) than the air-flow in the housing (392 CFM). On the other hand, the speed rate is flower when you use the nozzle (214.75mph) compared to when you use it usually (251 mph). Both of them are extremely impressive, given the size and price of the model.

Fuel Mix

You need to work it out on the Husqvarna 150bt fuel mix. You will get a 2.6-ounce oil bottle. You will have to add this to some non-leaded gas in a ratio of 1:50, pouring oil to gas. Only non-leaded. No gasohol or raw gas as it may harm the engine.

The mixture works as the best mixture for the model, according to both users and the manufacturer. Some have reported mixing fuel to oil in a manner that 20CC of oil gets 1 liter of oil. Whatever you do, remember to use fresh batches every time and use up all that you make. If that isn’t affordable, label the leftover mixture after mixing up both the liquids thoroughly and storing it well for future use.

To pour the mix onto the tank, twist opens the fuel cap. Going up to 80 percent before you reseal the tank cap is the safest bet. The fuel tank has a capacity of 42.27 fl oz, FYI. In case you have spillages, wipe it down to avoid any mess later. Leftover mix on the fuel tank may clog the carburetor! If you can’t use the entire thing, at least empty up the tank and don’t leave the mix thereafter.

Husqvarna 150BT Blower

Cruise Control

We know that you need to both handle it well and clean the leaves well. For this dual-purpose, a cruise control system and an adjustable fan speed are essentially required. An efficient fan design on the model ensures that you get the job of leaf blowing done easily. You can also be economically benefited in case you own a small to the mid-sized backyard by keeping a minimum speed of air-flow. Cruise control is quite handy of an offer, you see!


It comes with a two -year standard warranty, just like most leaf blowers. Your period of warranty will largely depend on who and where you buy it from. But if you want to know a trick to extend it, buy 6 packs of oil at the same time as getting the machine. This will extend the warranty period by a year.


Amidst everything else, did you notice we included a backpack leaf blower and not a regular leaf blower? That is because backpack blowers are more superior when it comes to air-flow and its adjustments. These are better than their handheld alternatives, which quickly make you tired with prolonged use. But with the backpacks, just hang it on and off with your cleaning spree!

Assembly and Operation:

Once you unpack the box after you get home, you have some assembly business to carry out. You need not have any additional hardware since you will get all of it with the model.

  1. First comes the flexible hose. To this, you will attach the blower and swivel joint.
  2. You will now join the throttle cable with the joint as well as the hose.
  3. Add the adjustable blower tubes as you please.
  4. Set up the harness according to your comfortable back position.
  5. Security check: check that everything is buckled well. The ignition wiring, the fuel line, the exhaust line, etc. should be in working order. Make sure no debris is stuck on the case and that everything is tight.
  6. Next, push the primer bulb to let the fuel flow into the clear tube. You should be able to see the fuel flow.
  7. Close the choke.
  8. Set the lever position. Choose from Full Throttle, One-Third, Idling, and Stop. You can read the instruction manual if you’re not feeling particularly sure of the levers, buttons, and switches.
  9. With one hand, hold the blower.
  10. Pull the starter knob slowly to ease up till you give it one strong pull.
  11. Start cleaning! Ensure that you are wearing noise protection and safety goggles to save yourself from flying debris and leaves. Leave yourself around 50-foot of radius and make sure that no animal may come in your way of cleaning. 

What not to do:

Here is what to remember for safe usage of the model:

  1. Do not use any leaf blower indoors.
  2. If the area is unventilated, refrain from using the machine. Exhaust fumes may cause suffocation to you.
  3. If you can’t stand in a stable, steady manner, don’t operate the machine. Off-balance users have reported injuries with not just this but with many efficient leaf blowers.
  4. Don’t use the machine when standing on a ladder or any scaffolding.
  5. In case of bad weather, cleaning won’t help. So wait for less windy or no-rainy days.
  6. You don’t need to blow leaves away in low visibility weather.
  7. Above 104 degrees Fahrenheit, stay away from using the machine.
Husqvarna 150BT

Storage and maintenance:

Disconnect the spark plug and make sure that the engine has stopped before you leave it out. Check for damages in the wiring if you think something went wrong while cleaning. Repair those damages and make sure you lubricate parts to help the machine run well every time that you use it.

Store the machine indoors in a cool, dry place. But the place shouldn’t be an enclosed one. Make sure that children don’t have access to it, though.

Performance Summary: Why You Should Buy It

There are 4 essential reasons other than the great features we talked about why we like it. They are:

  1. It does not make any harmful noise or emission that most leaf blowers are guilty of. This is the first worry that comes in the mind of users when they buy leaf blowers: will it make a lot of sounds, and what about the effusions? Well, you’re safe with the 150BT. It is well-capable of blowing debris off your backyard and the neighborhood.
  2. You can purchase handheld or backpack varieties as you please and as your comfort calls.
  3. Tough cleaning is possible with the machine. So whether you are a professional cleaner or a hobbyist, you can go for its ergonomic design and find yourself leaf-blowing very comfortably. The anti-vibration system also allows you to clean with less to no fatigue and stress on the body.
  4. Given all the power, it comes super cheap without the slightest compromise of quality.

Summing up everything we have discussed so far, here are the Husqvarna 150BT problems and merits.


  1. Starts up 95% of the time on the first pull.
  2. Very lightweight, weighing only 22.5 lbs.
  3. Ergonomic design of the leaf blower.
  4. Anti vibrations system that minimizes the vibration to an extremely considerable extent.
  5. No emissions.
  6. Accessible control that helps you pick the right cruise.
  7. A reliable model used by many.
  8. Comes at a very affordable price.
  9. In the case of worn parts due to continual use, easy to find parts readily available in the market.
  10. Comfortable and adjustable harness makes it easy for people of most heights, weights, and ages to wear it and continue cleaning.


  1. No option of a leaf vacuum. 


Which blower is better: Echo or Husqvarna?

In terms of the warranty, the Echo is the clear winner. If you want something that’ll last long, go for Echo with its capable features. However, if you need to do tougher jobs and need more power, Husqvarna is better, but it has a smaller warranty life.

What is the difference between Husqvarna 150BT and 350BT?

The prime difference is seen with the blower tube on both of the models. At a little over 50 CC, the engine of both the models is nearly identical. Even when you consider size and weight, we’ll say they are quite the same. However, when it comes to price, 150BT is cheaper, and when it comes to upgrades, 350BT has the upper hand. 

What does BT mean in a leaf blower?

BT on a leaf blower is used to identify the right-hand throttle on the tube of the blower. If it were a left-hand throttle, it would have been called BF.

How much does a Husqvarna backpack blower cost?

Depending on which model you pick, a backpack blower from Husqvarna may cost you anything between 194 to 302 dollars. If you’re going to purchase online, be sure to add shipping charges to it.


This superb article brings us to the end of our Husqvarna 150bt review. As a lightweight backpack leaf blower, the 150BT proved to be quite powerful. It is built well, is reliable, and gets the job done in a very impressive manner. 

Since it doesn’t break your bank with all the goodness, for anyone looking for a decent piece, this will work just fine. Compared to all the other gas blowers that we have seen and heard of, this cancels out the most significant drawbacks and is more than enough to do the ideal cleaning. Both professionally and for home use, we think it will turn out to be a good choice.

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